Friday, January 12, 2007

haha... these are some pic from kluang! Finally rite? Ricky can you load those u took too? (=

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The Banana Couple.. hehe

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The ordeal of JJ

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"I have fought a good fight, I have finished the race,!" .. eh.. is this my reward???

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"Interview with CY" at Secret Recipe.. Guests: Kelvin and Lynn.

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Faithful audience!

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"wah...hen hao chi ah!!!" exclaimed Ben.
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"see my ka mo, same colour as the bag!" proclaimed JJ.

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Wah biang! what these humans doing?! Expose me like that??? shame on them!! tsk tsk tsk!" moaned the victim.

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"look at us! chio rite? Poly girls are the best!"

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"wah.. banana hen hao chi ah!" exclaimed estella.

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"ji!" shouted JJ..."sharks!" Eddie sianed.

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"yan daossssssssssssssss"
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting lao pei and lao bu "yan dao and chio bu"

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barney's.. shiok shiok...
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"long xia kao guo xiao nu hai!" exclaimed Zhixian.
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"sleepy sleepy estella"
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"no joke.. 10kg," commented ah lian

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the four couples of kluang minus lao peh and lao bu
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" Most lovely couple goes to......"

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

joyce's wedding cont'd

this is the only pic she smile... cos it's her mummy
huh.... alien?
successful attempt by me
successful attempt by beidi

joyce's wedding

ben trying very hard to get estella to his arm but in vain Handsomes: eddie, ST n ben
before she allows me to carry
pretties: cindy, lynn n yong lin
thorn among the roses
lang cai nu mao loading his P226

more handsomes and a little one....

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Call to obedience and prayer

Was prompted to blog this coz I was sms-ing Cindy about how I kena spiritual attack coz my hp and CPU spoil. Although I was half-joking, Cindy remarked on how many things have been happening in our midst... including John's eye. Duno how many of us hv encountered stuffs ... but true enough... things R happening...
Also reading a book by John Bevere, "Access denied", whereby John posits that thru' disobedience, we open the doorway for the devil to attack us. So sometimes spiritual warfare is not jus claiming bible verses, reciting scripture and shouting prayers... but sheer obedience to God. John is able to support his view by bible verses and personal testimonies.
A very good book that I recommend to everyone coz it definitely exposed alot of satan's deceptions.... and alot of simple truths too like if we love God, we will obey Him. Obeying Him simply coz it's a law can make us susceptible to sin too.
Anyway, the point is... really must watch and be vigilant... anyway out of the blue, I received an sms from an unknown number, (Pei Tee mentioned b4 it's the church that's sending these sms-es) ... the sms is this:
"Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers." 1 Timothy 4:16
V to the point and applicable for the current situation in my life.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Meeting ALERT!

YuHoo...? Harrrrloooow? Anyone there???

Oh well, I'm not sure if it's the same for you, but I'm purely sustained by the knowledge that tomorrow's another Public Holiday... I.AM.SO.TIRED now... THANK GOD for holidays!!!


Well, I'm excited about tomorrow's meeting!!! Yippie! See ya gals soon!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Do you know...

... if you are currently a blogger, you can add yourself as a member to this blog? Then when you login to your own personal Blogger account, you'll be able to see JS Network as one of your created blogs.

Step 1 Login to Blogger using the JS Network login. Confidential details in previous email sent by the bros.

Step 2 Click "Change Settings"

Step 3 Click on the "Members" hyperlink at the top of the page

Step 4 Click on "Add team member" and send an email to yourself

Step 5 Check your email inbox (step by step guide NOT provide... ) and look for the email with the subject "Blogger blog invitation from jsnetwork"

Step 6 Click on the hyperlink in that email

Step 7 Login using your OWN BLOGGER ID (or Create a NEW account if you are not already a blogger)

Step 8 The rest is history. Or not. Please blog. Often. Some people are bored at work. (NOT ME)

Hope this helps boost the readership of this blog. I wish I have more time, then I can ZHNG this blog also.... Hehheheheheh...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Canadian capers

Hallo everyone!
Just experienced another longest-day-of-my-life episode beginning at 1015am Monday in Singapore and reaching Regina, central Canada at 1145pm (after >24 hours of travel). Gosh, it's c-c-c-cold here (1 deg Celsius without wind). I wasn't expecting this type of temperature. Hmph... never mind, the human body is capable of adapting to the harshest of conditions. In just a matter of minutes, I'll morph into a polar bear so that I'll be snug and warm.
Heard Regina's very scenic (for most Singaporeans, scenic = ulu) so hoping to make the most of the time here.
OK, my pillows and blanket are calling me. Catch up with all of you soon =)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Ok, my turn. Some sentiments as a first-time mom...

Announcing: I'll be starting work after we celebrate Children's Day in less than 2 weeks' time - 2 Oct. Same company, but with new boss (joined during my maternity leave), and new job scope (moving from training to recruitment). As much as there are uncertainties at work, the more overwhelming thing for me now is the separation with Estella.

So where will Estella go? Thank God for my mom-in-law(MIL), she is excellent with her grandchildren, and I know Estella will be in really good hands. We started the transition training last week, where I tried to be 'invisible' while my MIL feeds/plays with her. Aiyo, I already started missing her!!! AND, she'll CRY non-stop when she can't find me after some time, making things a little difficult for her Po Po...

A bag of mixed feelings...

Time really flies. 6 months is how long I have 'rested' from work. It's gonna be a new challenge from here. Had also done some groundwork in talking to my fellow G12 sistas how they juggle btw family/kid/work/ministry. Gonna need the Lord even more... :)

"Lord, everyday, I need You more, on wings of Heaven I'll soar with You..."